about Socl

Socl, where creativity meets.

Socl — pronounced social — lets you create, collect and share stuff you love. From rich visual collages to short animated media and memes, express yourself through posts that take seconds to create, collect and share on Socl, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

What kinds of posts can I create on Socl?

Socl offers a suite of simple and fun post Creation Experiences that make it easy to express and share your ideas with people worldwide. These Creation Experiences include:

Socl Collage

Collages are comprised of images, links and videos found on the web or uploaded to Socl. Simply type a topic, paste a link or upload images then drag and drop... Your collage will be stylishly assembled for you in an instant to post on Socl and your other favorite social networks.
Learn more about how to create Collages on Socl.

Video Party

Video Parties are shared video experiences on Socl. Got a favorite band, movie, genre, actor, activity? Simply name your party and click start. Then search for a selection of video clips to create a video playlist. Now you’re ready to invite your friends to watch, chat and share the experience, in real time if you like.
Learn more about how to create Video Parties on Socl.

Video Parties

Part "meme-generator," part game, Picotales are little stories made by overlaying text on an image. Something cool, witty, funny, playful... Simply type a message and hit go. Picotale will deliver an image including your text. Hit go again until you find a combination you like. Then post on Socl and your other favorite social networks.
Learn more about how to create Picotales on Socl.


Currently available for Windows devices, BLINK apps provide ways to capture, create and share short dynamic media using Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.

Using BLINK or BLINK Cliplets, you can capture the perfect shot or have fun creating surprising short films to share on Socl and your other favorite social networks.
Learn more about how to create Blinks on Socl.

Is there a mobile version of Socl?

Yes, simply go to Socl on your mobile device; the site’s responsive design will optimize for your device.

Socl feed on mobile Socl app on mobile
Do I have a profile page on Socl?

Every Socl user has a profile page which is created once you’ve signed in on Socl using your Facebook or Microsoft account. Your profile is easily accessible from the main navigation bar.

From your profile page, you can:

  • See all the posts you have created, filtered by type (collages, video parties, picotales and blinks)
  • Manage the collections you follow
  • Manage the people you follow
  • Update your profile information (picture and bio)
screenshot of profile page
What are Collections?

Collections are sets of posts which you can follow that are organized around post content – when you see a post you like on Socl, collect it – either to your own collection or to a collection to which you and some friends or everyone on Socl contributes.

screenshot of a list of collections

Follow collections to tune your Socl feed. By following a collection, you are expressing affinity with that content or the people posting to that collection. Over time, your following feed will show you posts from the collections and people you follow and provide opportunities to follow new, related content and people. Are you interested in design? If so, visit the Design Collection to see posts on food and connect with people who share your passion. Is football your thing? Create a collection of posts about your favorite team and others will likely join in. From food to football; animated gifs to animals – you’ll likely find the topic on Socl and enjoy connecting with like-minded people.

screenshot of a collection
What is a Moderator on Socl? How do I become one?

Moderators are collection curators. Every Socl collection has at least one moderator who comes from the Socl community. Moderators have the ability to edit the title, description and tags of a collection. Moderators may also remove inappropriate or off topic posts from a collection at their discretion.

You can become a collection moderator in a variety of ways. Of course, if you create a me collection, you are the moderator. The creator of a personal collection can also invite moderators to join them in contributing to the collection (those invited will receive a notification that they've been invited to moderate which they can choose to accept or decline). In the case of everyone collections, the original creator is designated moderator, but from that point on moderator designation is based on active participation in the collection. Active participants in a collection can eventually replace original moderators based on participation in and contribution to the quality of that collection.

How do I find my friends on Socl?

Socl is an open social network where people connect around posts and choose to follow people, collections, or both. While you may discover some of your Facebook friends on Socl, you will more likely discover new people or topics you’d like to follow. Of course, you can invite your friends to join you on Socl by sharing posts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or email or simply by sending them an invitation. If you choose to sign in using Facebook, your Facebook friends on Socl are easily visible from the find friends menu item shown below.

screenshot of how to find your friends in Socl
What is my following feed? How is it different from the everyone feed?

Your following feed shows you only posts from people or collections you have chosen to follow. The everyone feed features posts from everyone on Socl and is a great place to hang out to meet new people or learn new things.

What is a riff in Socl?

A riff on Socl is a visual response to a post, usually extending the original post in some manner and providing a way to continue a conversation visually. All the posts in a riff are viewable together using "view riffs” – the post that inspires the riff is clearly marked and attribution is also given to the riff post as well.

screenshot of Socl riff
How do I share a post I've made to another social network?

It’s easy to share posts on Socl. Just click “share” at the base of the post and choose the network you’d like to share to (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr). Or, share the post via email.

share to other social networks
I created some Blinks, but they are not appearing on my Socl profile - what's up?

Blink uses the Microsoft Account for authentication; you may be using Facebook to sign in to Socl. You can link your accounts by following a few easy steps in the settings page. Once linked, you will be able to sign in to your unified Socl account by logging in with either Facebook or Microsoft account.

What is the Socl bookmarklet and how do I use it?

The Socl bookmarklet provides an easy way to share a link on the web to Socl. Click here to add the Socl bookmarklet to your browser.

Is Socl data public?

Public data enables new types of research and experimentation, and is a primary goal for Socl. Your post and any other data you post to Socl may be viewed by all other Socl users. In addition, data publicly posted on Socl can be used by other entities and individuals.

For more information please read our Privacy Statement at http://www.so.cl/app/privacy.

Can I delete my data in Socl?

Yes. You have options ranging from deleting a single item, comment, or post, to deleting all your history, or your entire account. Deleted data may however have been included in data sets shared with third parties; deletion of your data from Socl will not delete entries from such data sets. For more information please read our Privacy Statement at http://www.so.cl/app/privacy.

Can anyone join Socl? Does it cost anything?

Anyone can join Socl; Socl is free.

Does my Socl data appear on Facebook?

No, not unless you choose to share to Facebook.

Socl uses two services for authentication, or sign in: the Microsoft account or Facebook.

If you choose to use Facebook authentication – which means you use your Facebook account to sign in – your name and profile picture from Facebook will appear in Socl by default.

By default we do not post any content from Socl into your Facebook stream. If you choose, you can post content to Facebook using the share to Facebook feature in Socl.

Does Socl compete with social networking and search sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Bing, or Google?

Socl is actually quite complementary to such sites. Socl features a unique creation experience which enables people to express and share ideas through rich visual collages, organized into collections. Posts on Socl are extremely easy to create and share (on Socl and on other networks).

How else might I learn more about Socl?

A great way to get help with Socl is to visit the Socl blog or see if your question is answered by the community in the Socl Tips Collection. You may also visit our Getting Started page.

What are the other social experiments that you are engaged in?

Other ongoing experiments include:

  • Kodu: teaches kids programming and creativity on the XBox and PC.
  • Montage: creates a visual album of the web on the topics you care about.
  • Docs: lets you discover, create and share documents with your friends, coworkers, and classmates on Facebook.
  • or see more projects from FUSE Labs.
How do I get the cool Socl t-shirt I see in many of your profile pictures?

Socl t-shirts are available for purchase here.