getting started

Getting Started

Socl lets you create, collect and share stuff you love.

Below you will find some quick tips to help you get started on Socl. Should you wish to learn more, please visit the Socl Blog, or the Socl About page.

Choose a few things you like

Customize Socl to reflect your taste by choosing at least three collections to follow. Make your selections and click the done button – your following feed will populate with posts from the collections you choose.

Later,you can find more collections and people to follow to further tune your feed

Create your following feed
Create a post using Socl's inline quick post or one of Socl 's 'apps' - Collage, Video Party, Picotale or Blink or Kodu.

Your post will appear on Socl and can be collected by you or anyone, and easily shared to other social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter.

Check out different apps for posting
Quick Post

Socl's new quick post provides the fastest way to a lovely text, link or image post and is always available at the top of the main feed or from your profile page.

Learn more about how to create quick posts on Socl.
Quick post
Socl Collage

Collages are comprised of images, links and videos found on the web or uploaded to Socl. Simply type a topic, paste a link or upload content then drag and drop… Your collage will be stylishly assembled for you in an instant to post on Socl and your other favorite social networks.
Learn more about how to create Collages on Socl.

Video Party

Video Parties are shared video experiences on Socl. Got a favorite band, movie, genre, actor, activity? Simply name your party and click start. Then search for a selection of video clips to create a video playlist. Now you're ready to invite your friends to watch, chat and share the experience, in real time if you like.
Learn more about how to create Video Parties on Socl.

Video Parties

Part "meme-generator," part game, Picotales are little stories made by overlaying text on an image. Something cool, witty, funny, playful... Simply type a message and hit go. Picotale will deliver an image including your text. Hit go again until you find a combination you like. Then post on Socl and your other favorite social networks.
Learn more about how to create Picotales on Socl.


Currently available for Windows devices, BLINK apps provide ways to capture, create and share short dynamic media using Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.

Using BLINK or BLINK Cliplets, you can capture the perfect shot or have fun creating surprising short films to share on Socl and your other favorite social networks.
Learn more about how to create Blinks on Socl.


Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming to kids of all ages.

Create with Kodu, then share and discuss your game with others on Socl.
Learn more about how to create Kodu on Socl.

Create a collection

Collections are sets of posts which are organized around post content – when you see a post you like on Socl, collect it – either to your own collection or to a collection to which everyone on Socl contributes.

Collect A collection
screenshot of a list of collections
Connect with others on Socl – like or comment, or both.

Like a post you see? Click this makes me smile – a nice Socl gesture which also makes it easy to find those post collages you like later...

this makes me smile
Be Socl.

Engage with others over shared interests expressed through rich posts, collections and the conversations they inspire.